ABOUT Skyline E&P


Our philosophy is a simple one: Prepare, prepare, PREPARE, then plan, plan, PLAN. Keep the workflow as pure and straightforward as possible, using the best techniques, arranging and writing experience available. Directly from the heart, mind & soul all the way through to the final mastered audio.  We treat every project, record, album, every track, like a handcrafted work of art.


Our studio is designed to be a creative space with a down-home vibe that will ensure a comfortable and stress-free arranging, writing production experience. Our surroundings are peaceful and serene. Hey, we’re up in the mountains, surrounded by live oak much more relaxed can we get?


Our gear is world-class. From our Neumann, Telefunken and AKG, to our Mogami and Monster. Continuing on through our point-to-point hand soldered Canare star-quads. Your project will get the red carpet treatment. And so will you. All of our pre-and-post production work is digitized with HD converters and fully automatable "in-the-box" mixing on a Yamaha DM2000, or analog Toft ATB32 or analog 36-channel Audient ASP-8024.