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Serving the Areas of Morgan Hill, Cupertino, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, Fremont, San Jose, Saratoga, Los Gatos, and Santa Cruz, California

    • Mixing

    Perhaps you already have your tracks recorded and you need us to mix in our special blend of herbs and spices. Let us know what you've got and we'll cook up something special.


    Arguably the most critical step of the record making process. If recording were a slice of cake, mastering would be the icing. At Skyline E&P and our own Tool Shed Studios, we have spent years training in critical listening and our mastering suite has been designed to ensure your final output files sound great no matter what type of playback system or loud speakers your audio is presented on.


    Use our experience in the music business to help you make the most of your recording. We don't want to change the way you sound but we can help you sound your best. Let us help you prepare for the studio with rehearsal guidance or private music lessons prior to your recording dates.


    Need to record a voice over for a commercial, video or phone tree system? Our selection of high-end professional microphones are the best in the business and our isolation room will keep your vocal track clean with a flat response. Then we can add all the bells and whistles to it in the mixing and mastering process.


    Let us synchronize your audio tracks to your video. We offer a wide range of video services including video editing and DVD production.


    Let us use our audio expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to digitize your old vinyl LP records and transfer them to CD or .mp3. Our digitization service includes volume balancing, pop and hiss removal and CDText renaming of each track so that the artist name, album name and song name appear on your CDText enabled player or portable device.


    Need to put a jingle together for your business’s radio/TV commercial? We can help you compose, arrange and record a catchy jingle that your audience won't forget. We can also handle voice-over projects as well.


    Do you need an outsource partner for sound and music on your next video game title? We are a one stop source for game audio too. We can score your game and add original sound effects and even Foley. We have a number of talented musicians at our disposal to handle small to medium sized orchestrations and a great room to record them in. Have a look at an example created completely at Skyline E&P and our own Tool Shed Studios by our in-house team: 


    Skyline E&P and our own Tool Shed Studios provides a relaxing and quiet location for your band to rehearse and work on new music. We have a full PA system on a 16x4 channel mixer with signal effect processors included in the rental rate. Whether you're looking for a one time rental or a on-going weekly/monthly plan please contact us today!


    Recording Clients Only

    Want a Moog Theremin on your recording? How about a Yamaha Birch or Beech Custom drum kit or a boutique guitar amp? We rent our house instruments on a daily rate to our recording clients. Check out our instrument page for a complete listing of gear.